Paragliding in Garda lake

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Paragliding in Garda lake is very popular: what could be better than enjoying a flight over the natural wonders that surround the Garda lake?

If you are looking for an activity to do in the Garda lake that combines adrenaline, nature and relax, then think about how you might feel flying like a bird over the lake and the surrounding mountains!

Flying as a passenger on a tandem paraglider is even simpler, since all you have to do is book the flight and the pilot will take care of everything else.

First of all, a premise: paragliding, whether it is in Garda lake, in Brescia, in Bergamo or in other places of Lombardy, requires only the will to do so, otherwise the physical effort required is limited.

To fly with a paraglider in Garda lake it is necessary to book a flight and then decide on a date: normally flights are scheduled on weekends while in summer it is possible to fly every day.

The meeting point is at the landing which is located by the restaurant “Colomber” (to reach it coming from Salò it is best to lengthen slightly passing for the village of Serniga, otherwise the navigator will make you take a shorter but very narrow road). From there you’ll go up with the shuttle (to be paid separately on the day of the flight) towards the take-off which is located on the slopes of Monte Pizzoccolo . The take-off is large and grassy, with a wonderful view of on Garda lake. Once you are prepared and take off (to understand how take off works read the F.A.Q. ) the view will open even more.

Flying paraglider over Garda lake

Paragliding Garda

The flight, which on average lasts 10/20 minutes depending on the weather conditions of the moment, will take you to see the mountains of the area, flying over the woods and with a little luck you will fly together with the birds of prey that often come to fly in spring and summer with us, not at all afraid.

At the end of the flight we will return to the landing, where you will probably find students from the local flight school who are practicing.

To fly in a tandem paraglider you only need to be able to run for 10 meters , just enough to take off: when booking you are asked to communicate if you weigh more than 90 Kg: in this case the pilot will evaluate whether it is possible to fly or not according to the wind conditions of the day.

To fly in a tandem paraglider, the passenger must be dressed in a sporty way, taking into account that the flight speed is around 40 km/h and that therefore a windproof jacket is essential. Footwear is important and the ideal would be a pair of hiking boots or alternatively sneakers as a second choice.
Sunglasses are also important, to protect yourself from both light and wind: don’t worry they will not fall in flight because having the helmet they will remain firmly around the face.