Paragliding flights in Lombardy

Flying in a tandem paraglider in Lombardy is simple and fun thanks to the many years of experience of our qualified instructors.

Prices starts from € 110

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True Emotions


The wind in the face, the shiver of height and an indescribable feeling of lightness. How many times have you looked at the sky fascinated by a paraglider?

With tandem paragliding you can let everyone participate in the dream of flying, even to those who alone would never try. Just a few steps to takeoff and you will become wind and dance with the clouds.

Book a flight in 3 steps

Contact “Air Emotions” to agree on when to fly.

We recommend a minimum notice of one week and a phone call to have any clarification on the activity and the minimum physical requirements.

The day before call for a weather check.

You will then be given the latest instructions (clothing, meeting place, etc.).

Enjoy the flight and then pay 110 euro or 130 euro if you have added the photo and video service.

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Check Mailbox

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Print it

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Book the flight

Call us to book the flight.

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How and where the flight takes place

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