Paragliding in Bergamo

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Have you recently arrived in Bergamo and would like to have a “bird’s eye view” of the area? Or do you live in Lombardy and are you tired of seeing paragliders having fun over your head? Whatever your research, I will give you here some information to be able to better manage yourself and to reach the goal of paragliding in Bergamo.

If you want to take a tandem paragliding flight in Bergamo you are in the right place; paragliding in Bergamo is easy and convenient and you can enjoy a priceless view of the mountains surrounding Bergamo and Lake Como.

First of all, some premise: flying paragliding, whether in Bergamo, Brescia, Garda lake or in other places of Lombardy, requires only the will to do so, otherwise the physical effort required is limited.

Flying in a tandem paraglider is the best way to enjoy the adventure of flight without any particular commitment. Flying free and light like a bird is more within reach than you might think.

To fly in a tandem paraglider you only need to be able to run for 10 meters , just enough to take off: when booking, you are asked to communicate if you weigh more than 90 Kg : in this case the pilot will evaluate whether it is possible to fly or not according to the wind conditions of the day.

The mountains around Bergamo lend themselves well to paragliding: large take-offs and landings make departure and arrival easy and the mountains, well arranged with respect to the direction of the prevailing winds, allow soaring.

To fly, we first meet at the landing site, located in Caprino Bergamasco at the “Latterraggio” restaurant . From there we will reach take off, which is located in the village of Valcava , near the pass of the same name. This take-off is located at about 1300mt above sea level, along the ridge that from Monte Linzone leads to Monte Resegone .

Speaking of flights carried out by solo pilots (therefore not in tandems) it is not uncommon, during the summer, that the city of Como is reached and back, for a flight lasting several hours. These are demanding flights that require technical and athletic preparation but which amply repay all the efforts.

To fly in a tandem paraglider, the passenger must be dressed in a sporty way, taking into account that the flight speed is around 40 km / h and that therefore a windproof jacket is essential. Footwear is important and the ideal would be a pair of hiking boots or alternatively sneakers as a second choice. Sunglasses are also important, to protect yourself from both light and wind: don’t worry they will not fall in flight because having the helmet they will remain firmly around the face.

Flying paraglider in Bergamo.

Flying paraglider in Bergamo.