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A “cookie” is a small text file created by some web sites to store information on your computer at the time that accesses the site. Cookies are sent from a web server to your browser and stored on his computer; are then re-sent to the website at the time of subsequent visits. This web site does not use cookies, but only profiling the cd. “Session cookies” and “navigation cookies”, which reside only in the memory of your computer and is not stored permanently. This will always allow their removal once the browser is closed; the use is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers, consisting of random numbers generated by the server, necessary to allow safe and efficient browsing of our site.

The cookies used on this site avoid the use of other techniques potentially prejudicial to the privacy of the users and not allow the acquisition of personal identification data of the same. Through this web site we are not cookies for transmission of personal information or for tracking users. The user can, at any time, set your browser to accept all cookies, only some, or to reject them, disabling their use by sites. You also can usually set your browser preferences so as to be notified whenever a cookie is stored in your computer’s memory. We would point out that at the end of each browsing session, you will in any case delete from your hard drive, is the cache-memory navigation, both collected cookies. Any disabling cookies on your computer by the user does not prejudice or affect in any way the interaction with the site.

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