Paragliding in Lombardy

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Paragliding in Lombardy was born and raised naturally thanks to the particularly favorable territory.

In fact, the ideal conditions for paragliding can be found frequently throughout the Prealps, from Como to Garda lake.

The most popular place to fly is at Bergamo.

To fly with a paraglider you need some conditions: light winds, easily accessible take-offs in the mountains and large landings on the flatlands.

The most favorable characteristic for paragliding in Lombardy is that it’s protected from the main winds by the chain of the Alps: the perturbations, which mainly come from the north, encounter a solid barrier in the Alps that dampens the winds.

As for take-offs, these are located on high ground due to the need to take off from a high altitude: in fact, having no engine, with a paraglider it is not possible to start from the plane, but you have to take off from a mountain and then glide downstream. In Lombardy the proximity of the mountains to the inhabited centers favors their reaching by car or other means.

Finally, to fly paragliding, Lombardy is one of the best places also for the numerous landing spots present. In fact, at the base of the Prealps and throughout Lombardy, the presence of abundant agricultural areas guarantees the presence of adequate spaces to land.

The numerous public transport and the dense road network finally help to return home in case you landed in a different place than the one planned (usually not the case with tandem flights).

To fly in a tandem paraglider you only need to be able to run for 10 meters , just enough to take off: when booking you are asked to communicate if you weigh more than 90 Kg : in this case the pilot will evaluate whether it is possible to fly or not according to the wind conditions of the day.

To fly in a tandem paraglider, the passenger must be dressed in a sporty way, taking into account that the flight speed is around 40 km/h and that therefore a windproof jacket is essential. Footwear is important and the ideal would be a pair of hiking boots or alternatively sneakers as a second choice.

Sunglasses are also important, to protect yourself from both light and wind: don’t worry they will not fall in flight because having the helmet they will remain firmly around the face.

Paraglider landing in Lombardy

Paraglider landing in Lombardy