Paragliding Lombardy

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Paragliding in Lombardy born and naturally grow thanks to the particularly favorable territory.

In fact, the ideal meteorological conditions for flying with paragliders are frequently found throughout the Pre-Alps, stretching from Como lake to Garda lake.

To fly with paragliders, some conditions has to be met: light winds, easy to reach takeoffs on the mountains and wide landings at the mountain’s bottom.

As for the wind, Lombardy is protected from the main winds of the Alps: in fact the perturbations, which mainly come from  north, find in the Alps a solid barrier that forces the winds to get around the mountain chain, thus arriving in Lombardy with less strenght.

As for takeoffs, these are located on the mountains due to the need to take off from a high altitude: in fact, not having the engine, the paragliders cannot start from the plane, but have to take off from a mountain and then glide towards the valley. In Lombardy, the proximity of the mountains to the inhabited centers makes reaching the takeoffs easy.

Lombardy is one of the best places to fly paragliders due to the numerous landings present. In fact, at the base of the Prealps and throughout Lombardy, there is still the presence of agricultural land that can be used for landing.

The numerous public transport and the dense road network finally help to return home if you have landed in a different place than the one planned.

One of the unique characteristics of paragliding is in fact that of allowing a certain flexibility in flight, which must however always be carefully planned.

Many competitions are held in the area, both at national and international level.

Paraglider and hanglider competition has been held in Bergamo and Brescia.