Booking a flight

To book the flight or just to get more information the best way is to contact me by phone; in this way you will have a clearer view of the activity than by email.

To book the flight you have first decide where and when to fly.

About WHERE to fly there are several options:

    • Bergamo (takeoff from Valcava, landing at Caprino Bergamasco)
    • Brescia (takeoff from monte Maddalena, landing in Brescia)
    • Lago di Garda (takeoff from monte Pizzoccolo, landing near Salò)

Each place has its own characteristics: panorama, take-off altitude, flight duration, etc. Sometimes it is also possible to fly to other places in Lombardy.

Once again, I recommend you call me so that it can help you choose the flight site according to your needs and preferences.

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WHEN TO FLY?: there are no fixed dates. I fly all the year weather permitting, so the choice is based on your preferences and my flight schedule.

Once we have set the date and time of the flight, the day before I’ll give you a weather check to confirm the flight based on the weather forecast. If I believe that the weather conditions won’t be ok, we will agree on another date at no additional cost.

The day before I will also provide you with the latest information you need: address of the meeting place, necessary clothing, etc.