Frequently Asked Questions

WHERE WILL I FLY? The takeoff is from the Valcava pass and landing is in Caprino Bergamasco (more details on Bergamo tandem). The meeting point is always at the landing and then we will drive up to the takeoff.

HOW LONG A FLIGHT LAST? A flight takes about 10/15 minutes, maximum 20. A longer duration is not recommended because the probabilities, for the passenger, of suffering from air sickness (similar to car sickness or seasickness) increase. The duration of the flight is influenced by the possible presence of thermals (updrafts) that could be encountered during the flight. If we’ll meet thermals then we can extend the flight time, but always within 20 minutes.

IS FLYING SAFE? No, at least not 100%, despite everything being done to minimize the risk. The training and experience of the pilot, the equipment used (approved and regularly checked) and thousands of flights without accidents are good indicators of the level of safety. Please note that passenger and driver are inextricably connected during the flight and personally I want to continue to fly and do this job for a long time.

I AM SCARED OF HIGHTS! Me too! Contrary to what many think, people who are scared of heights can fly too. You are scared because it’s a reaction of our system of conservation that is activated when it fears that our body may fall. Flying it’s an uncommon situation for our body that does not trigger this self-defense reaction. I also believe that vertigo is not afraid of falling, but the desire to fly, an innate desire in all of us. An unconscious desire that drives us to throw ourselves when we see emptiness; our conscious part is afraid of this desire and blocks us generating fear. Overcoming this fear and seeing what is beyond the jump is an enlightening and exciting experience. After take-off, when you leave the earth, you immediately realized that you are not falling. You will feel well supported while you float in the air. You will feel like you are in a dream, as if you had become a bird. It’s the magic of flying. Hundreds of people, once taken off, are amazed at how relaxing it is to fly.

CAN I BRING MY CAMERA/MOBILE WITH ME? You can take your mobile with you and take pictures before takeoff and after the landing, but during the flight it must be safely stored in a close pocket. For camera it depends; for a compact or action camera is generally ok, while for a reflex camera there are security problems, because being large and heavy could impede the takeoff and, in case the customer falls on the camera, could get hurt. In any case the camera must be tied, so that it can not fall. Please note that I do not take responsibility for any damage to equipment carried in flight.

IT’S THE FIRST TIME FOR ME! For almost everyone it’s the first time. Do not worry, no previous experience is required.

ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS FOR FLYING? Yes, you must weigh less than 220 lbs. (100Kg) and be able to run for at least 10 meters. If you weigh more than 200 lbs. (90Kg), however, please notify this at the time of booking. Capability to fly passengers over 220lbs. has be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a passenger weighs 260 lbs. but is a sportsman it is better than one of 200 lbs. who is struggling to run. Age is not a limit, however I advise you it’s not worth to fly a children under 6 years of age because they would not be able to grasp how special the flight is (at that age everything is special, even a train trip).

WE ARE A COUPLE, CAN WE FLY TOGETHER? Yes, it’s possible. Each one with his own pilot and paraglider. Since I have to arrange multiple pilots, I need a little extra time to organize the flights. Notify me when booking.

IS LANDING DIFFICULT? No, with the paraglider the landing is normally soft and two or three steps running are enough to stop.

I AM SCARED! Good! I am scared to fly those who are not at least a little scared to fly. Fear is a healthy and normal reaction to an event perceived as dangerous, and is functional to raise the threshold of attention and concentration. Of course there must also be sufficient motivation to cope with fear. If you are planning to make a gift, keep this in mind.

HOW DO I LEARN TO FLY? By attending a school. Courses generally last 3-6 months. At the end of the course there is an exam to pass. Many pilots started with a tandem flight. If you have fully enjoyed the flight and have the desire to take lessons, tell me. The flight courses are held all year round.

SHOULD I FAST BEFORE THE FLIGHT? No, it is not necessary. Instead get rested and loaded. It is not good to come to fly if you don’t feel well or under the effect of drugs.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PARAGLIDING AND HANGGLIDING? To make it short, the paraglider looks like a parachute, while the hanglider has a triangular shape and you fly it by lying down holding a bar. Paragliding is an evolution of the parachute: unlike the latter, it is optimized to take off from the mountains and sail using the updrafts. The paraglider’s sail, made of particularly strong and lightweight fabric, is not rigid. The shape is maintained by the wind pressure that enters from the air intakes placed in the front part and that keeps the sail inflated. The paraglider sail is connected to the pilot (and to the passenger) by a series of cables, moving which the pilot can controls the flight direction. Paragliding Wikipedia page

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO FLY? To make a tandem flight every period of the year is suitable. But there are some differences between the seasons. In the summer the chances of meeting upward currents are greater, but the air is more turbulent. During the winter there are no updrafts but the air is generally calm. In general, the passenger does not notice these differences, which are rather important if you are a pilot flying alone and looking to fly for a long time or distance.

HOW LONG CAN YOU FLY? Generally, if weather conditions allow it and without the limitations that a tandem flight have (not for the equipment itself, but for the limits imposed by bringing a passenger), it is possible to fly for hours. My longest flight is eight hours and a half in which I covered 130Km, but other pilots have made flights of 10+ hours and run 300+ km in the Alps. It is about chaining up the updrafts to gain altitude, gliding between one and the other.


Feel free to contact us in any way, our staff will always be able to clarify any doubt and if the question will be of general interest, we reserve the right to publish it. Thank you.